The Right Home

I am sure that you have heard the saying “if you love them you have to let them go.” What a profound statement because for me if I love something I want to keep them safe and happy and watched over and all of the other millions of things that go along with loving something.  We have a few horses here at Dog Trail Ranch and of those horses is a the one and only Oskar.  Oskar was purchased for $300 about a year ago, we knew that he was green but he seemed to have a good mind on him when we saw him. Now to be honest Cowboy had a gut instinct that this was not the horse we needed, but my heart was sold on him and after a 5.5 hours drive that horse was coming home with me. So we agreed to purchase him, he loaded in the trailer just fine and rode home like a champ. We set him up in his own pen to keep him away from the other horses for a few days.  Over the next few days we started to realize we had a problem. He was frantic being locked up and we were afraid he would hurt himself so we let him out and he mingled with Amarillo and Rusty and instantly they were ok with each other. Oskar came to us about 200 pounds under weight and he was starving I have never seen a horse eat like he ate. He would eat 3qts of grain in a few bites. Well after a week he choked and the vet had to come out. After this incident it was almost impossible to catch him, he was/is a biter. Well after a few months once everything settled down with losing my mom and the wedding, we decided to try and take him to a few clinics and we could not even load him in the trailer. So we hired a trainer to come out and help us, and soon we were loading in the trailer, we continued to work with him with the help of some trainers and finally we accomplished a huge goal, a trail ride. We rode Oskar and Cricket on the trail and he was a powerhouse, oh he was fun on the trail. He did well. but after a few rides it got harder and harder to ride him because he was so buddy sour we could not do anything without him trying to buck. Then we discovered that Cricket was pregnant and our riding halted because one of our riding horses was pregnant and I did not trust to ride Oskar alone. After a few months of thinking and praying and talking to people about the situation we decided it would be best if we turned Oskar over to a better situation where he will receive the training and work he needs to be successful. Oskar is a horse that needs work, he needs constant work, he needs a job.

Oskar is going into a intensive training program with an awesome trainer. I am sad because this horse means a lot to me, but I love him so much that he needs better then we can give him here at Dog Trail Ranch, maybe someday or paths will cross again, but for now I need to be his voice, and I am not his human.


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