Stolen kittens

Yesterday afternoon one of our cats came trotting across the yard with what I thought was a dead bird. Boy was a I wrong! Kujo was bringing me a prize, kittens. How does this happen our cat is spayed and has been spayed since she was about 12 weeks old. She is now over 2.
Well anyway apparently cats steal kittens, I've tried to locate the real mom with no luck. So I am bottle feeding 4 baby kittens who are maybe 2 weeks old and super tiny.
This baby is the runt, the tiniest baby. I'm calling him Runt

This baby is Zorro/Zorra depending on if it's boy or girl, it has a Z on the back leg.

This baby has no name yet

This baby has no name either but hopefully when the little cowboy gets home they will have names

When they are big enough they will get adopted to new families.


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