Oskar’s Injury (Graphic Images included)

What an eventful few weeks we have had at Dog Trail Ranch. To think we were starting to settle down after Crickets filly was born. Nope! Not a chance. Tuesday during a routine lunch time horse check, Amarillo, Rusty, Kawohni, Cricket all good then Oskar revealed a large chunk laceration to his chest/shoulder area. My heart about stopped when Cowboy sent me the picture message. Oskar is hurt and hurt badly. A quick call to our AWESOME vets office and the vet was notified and soon she would be on her way to fix him up. What we have determined was that Oskar and Rusty were play fighting like they normal do and they happened to be a little too close to the fence and he came down on a T post.



The pictures I am about to post are graphic if you have a week stomach please stop reading now…. (Oskar will recover just fine)






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