A weekend at the Cole Ranch

On top of moving and trying to get settled into our new home, we decided that we would spend a weekend at the Cole Ranch in Pueblo Colorado. We were participating in a Working cattle clinic. What is a working cattle clinic? Well let me tell you, it was a weekend of riding and learning about all things cow. From branding, ear tags, and shots on calves to learning how to sort and work cattle in an arena and in the pasture. It is not as easy as it may look.  Cowboy and I borrowed a couple horses for the weekend because our horses are just not ready for this type of activity.

We arrived Friday evening so that we could get started early Saturday morning. What a view it was. The Cole Ranch is a beautiful Ranch in some beautiful God Country.

Saturday morning we met our horses for the weekend, Cupid and Moon. We got saddled up and started to ride. We started off by ridding in the arena so we could get comfortable with our borrowed horses. Then we got the opportunity to move cattle around the arena, learning how they respond, etc.  After a while we got to work on roping,  Cowboy got to ride Mr Coles’ young horse for the roping part! Cowboy did a great job.

After a while we learned about dragging a calf to the fire, and we got to put it into action. We branded, vaccinated, ear tagged and castrated the calves. It was such an amazing experience.  Cowboy and I were both very eager to get involved with everything! Can you believe I got to “band” a calf? In case you don’t know, banding is placing a tiny rubber band over the testicles of a bull calf, in order to castrate.

Oh yeah and I also got to pregnancy check a cow! Yes that means everything that you think it means. I was shoulder deep in the rear end of a cow!

Cowboy and I have done a few clinics and I will tell you that the group of people that were at the Cole Ranch were top notch. We felt so welcome and encouraged by the everyone there.

Sunday Morning, we were blessed to receive a beautiful message from a preacher, he talked about gloves, and how a glove is just a glove until someone puts it on and fills it with a living hand. Until we as people are filled with the living breathing God we are simply a shell much like the glove that is empty.  The preacher was much better at giving the message and my synopsis does not do justice to the sermon but it was really a good morning.

We worked the cattle in the pasture for a while sorting out 2 or 3 cows and bringing them to the pens. It was a challenge because asking the cows to move away from their herd was such a challenge!

We drove the cattle across a few pastures to take them to their new pasture for the summer. It was a great ride!

Cowboy and I had such an amazing weekend and we have made some really great friends! Looking forward to riding at the Cole Ranch again soon.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ColeRanch1/



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