Importance of Trailer training 

Cowboy and I have learned an extremely valuable lesson over the last couple of weeks. As most of every one knows we have a very senior mare that never leaves the property. She is simply a companion and friend. Well we never in a million years did we think we would struggle to load Amarillo in a trailer. We have hauled her a few times but we were not prepared to deal with a refusal from her at the trailer.  We spent many hours of frustrating time walking, begging, bribing with grain, pulling and struggling. Amarillo would refuses every time, she would go sideways back up, she was terrified! For us we were trying so hard to get the horses home before dark, but that required a three plus hour drive. We worked for three days and anyone that has horses know that if a horse refuses the trailer and gets away with it it gets worse and worse. Well we confirmed that theory. Amarillo was not loading she did not want to go to our new pasture. So after a few frantic phone calls I finally reached out to our amazing Vet Dd. Shane Baird, through my frustration he volunteered to come out and assist. He was a a very welcome sight! Dr. Baird worked hard to try to get her loaded but nothing was working. While cowboy and I are very much against the use of tranquilizers we allowed it because we were desperate to get Amarillo loaded. After about 45 minutes she finally walked into the trailer like it was no big deal and there she stayed.  Whew! What a day after a few minutes of trying to load the Filly we decided it would be best to simply get Rusty and Amarillo out to our new home and get them set up and come back for the mare and Filly. So today is that day!
Anyway the moral to the story is that you never know what is going to happen you never know when you will need to load your horse into a trailer. What if there was an emergency, a trip to the vet needed or something else. If you have trouble loading your horse, please reach out to a trainer and get that problem fixed now! Not when you are trying to go somewhere. 


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