A sad day at Dog Trail Ranch

​The lessons of life are very evident when you have animals. Lessons about life and death sometimes seem to be more often for those with animals then those who do not have them. I have a few friends who have not had animals, no dogs no cats, and they have never experienced death, until a loved one passes and often times they are so unfamiliar with the concept that it is much harder to deal with.

Cowboys dad allowed Cowboy and I to have his faithful gelding Mr. Honey. He was the greatest horse! Honey had such personality, we had had him about a month and he was really becoming a member of the herd our little filly was glued to his side they were buddies.
During the move we had a few late nights and we did not get over to check horses until around 1130pm. When we got there we noticed that all of the horses were up in the barn except Mr. Honey, so we went looking for him. When we finally found him we immediately knew that something was very very wrong. He was cold, and shaking, he wanted to lay down and roll. A frantic call to the vet and about 30 minutes later he was there. I really had high hopes that Honey would be ok. After some tests it was determined thay Honey would mot make it amd we had to make that awful call of putting him down. Junior was with us and he said some very sweet goodbyes and hugged the big gold horse told him he loved him. Cowboy and I said our goodbyes as did Cowboys dad. The vet was amazing and took very good care of Honey in his final moments. Soon he was not hurting anymore. Our hearts broken.

Thank you Mr. Honey for hours of laughter and love. Your job is done now enjoy the grassy fields in heaven!


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