A Snowy Miracle

The hours of waiting and waiting for our little foal to be born. Cricket surprised us all and gave birth during a the snow storm a few nights ago. Cowboy had been out Monday evening cleaning stalls and spent about an hour and a half hanging out with the horses while cleaning. Cricket was showing NO signs of impending labor. When Cowboy came out on Tuesday April 4. Cricket was standing in her stall with a beautiful filly.



This little filly has been named Kawohni which is Cherokee for Flower moon. She is named in honor of my mom who passed away just under 1 year ago (April 15) My mom had always told me that when I started to miss her look at the moon and and know that she is missing me and looking at the moon too.

She is also named after a white mustang whose name was Moonshine, Moonshine was beautiful mustang, tame but wild. Strong and brave he was the mount of a trainer friend of ours. Moonshine, recently passed away very unexpectedly. Moonshine challenged his partner to the fullest but together they were an amazing team.

We are so excited to be on this journey Kawohni brings us so much joy!


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