Ya’ll remember Cricket the painted mare. Well this is a story about her.

We adopted Cricket from the Denver Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center. We spent months checking out the different horses they had we never could seem to find the right one. So we went out on a Saturday and just happen to come across a couple of horses that appeared to be the right fit so we made an appointment to meet with Brent. (Pretty awesome dude if you ask us) He is the head trainer there, we sat down and talked about what we were looking for in a horse and the horses we were interested in. Brent was super honest with us and let us know that the original horses we wanted to see he felt would not be a good fit. BUUUUUTTTT he had a little paint mare that he felt would be a good option. So off we went to see her, She is a little smaller than we felt we wanted for cowboy but she had potential. Brent haltered her and we got to take her for a little ride in the arena. She was great and cowboy had fallen for this pretty little paint mare.

So we got the paperwork done, and later that week they come out and did a site inspections and we picked her up about a week later. She was so laid back, she is pretty fantastic. All of this happened in September 2016.

Fast Forward to January 2017 we were out playing with the horses because it has been unusually warm this winter in Colorado and we noticed that good ole cricket was getting VERY fat. Now we do tend to spoil our horses a bit and give them extra feed. See my old mare Amarillo gets a special mash of food which has soaked alfalfa cubes, soaked beet pulp, and senior feed so its very fattening. We always gave a little bit to the other horses so we assumed that she was just getting fat. Fast forward about 30 minutes and as I was watching this beautiful paint mare her stomach moved and I’m talking moving because she shifted her weight or took a deep breath I am talking little gremlin inside moving. I watched her for a little while, while in my head thinking i’m going to tell cowboy and he is going to think I have fallen off the crazy edge. So I investigated a little more walked over to miss Crickett but my hand on her belly and “BAM” the movement I thought I was seeing, YEP you guessed it I felt it on my hand. Now my suspicions are solid so I yelled at cowboy and city slicker to come over I wanted them to see what I was seeing. City slicker put his hand on Crickets flank and BAM. Now our minds are made up that she is pregnant! So I sent an email to our vet, he was already scheduled to come out two weeks later for Spring vaccinations and dentals so we added a pregnancy check to the list. Over the next two weeks we took videos of her belly moving and sent it to our good friends Matt and Kristen with MK Horsemanship and asked them if they saw what we saw! They would not confirm or deny our requests.

The vet visit-

Did we mention it is winter in Colorado it was downright cold the morning the vet came out! We were all frozen but we needed to know the truth was Cricket indeed pregnant, and how far was she. Cricket was not a fan of her belly being messed with and she for sure did not want the vets hand and arm up her bum, so the vet, Dr. B gave her a sedative and she relaxed enough that he could examine her. Now he is shoulder deep in our horses bum, and he is feeling around. Cowboy and I are watching his facial expressions he is saying no, i dont think she is, than all of a sudden he got this big ol smile on face and said YUP she is pregnant there is the hip bones. So he made his best guess that she was about 8 months but understanding that he could really not feel much of the baby. Cowboy and I and both boys are super excited about this little foal. This vet visit was on Feb.3. Fast Forward exactly 1 month to March 3. Vet comes out again to check on her progress, come to find out this mare is very very pregnant and is due anytime in the next 2-3 weeks!

Which meant we had a ton of work to do to get ready for this little baby! Over the weekend we built her official foaling pen, got the straw laid down, and also built a pen for Amarillo so that Cricket would have a buddy. Cricket is miserable pregnant has a hard time lifting her back feet up to walk she drags them and she officially waddles. Her udder is filling up and her rump muscles are starting to relax. Be sure to like our Facebook page for daily updates!

Once the baby is here we will be going Facebook live! to introduce our little surprise!


This first Pictures is the day we brought our girl home.


This was a few weeks later mid October


Cricket Grazing in December we noticed she was getting a little fat did not worry about it because its winter she needs the fat!



This was the weekend that we found out about baby and had it confirmed by the vet Feb 3.


This is in her foaling pen on March 4

foal pen

This was in February some times.


March 5, 2017




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