2 years yes 2 years we will hopefully be purchasing the ranch. All other details well they are up in the air right now.

Step One- MOVING! Thats right we are officially moving in the coming weeks, we will be backing up and moving to a small community in the Arkansas Valley area of Colorado. This community is AWESOME. The pastor who married us (Almost a year ago) and his rockstar wife re-planted a church there. We have spent some time visiting with them and enjoying their small town and last summer we discussed it, and prayed about it and it was not in the cards. Fast forward a while and here we are we have everything lined up for the move out there. We have a home of our own, we have a place for the horses, we have schooling lined up for junior. City slicker is excited about the move as well.

We have been praying and wrestling with God for a while on this, wondering if it is the right thing, wondering if we are truly hearing God. I remember very well asking and praying to God that he give us the ultimate sign. The no turning back we have to do this sign. Well he gave it to us. I believe this is the move that will get us back on track.

Step Two- Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University

Can I just tell you that we are only 2 weeks in and I have been wondering why we did not do this a couple of years ago. Now I know there is a lot of people who say oh you are just excited because Dave Ramsey is such a motivational speaker and blah blah blah, but I will tell you that this is the most hope we have had about our finances in a while. Even facing some major work changes with the move etc. We are committed to making this program work.  My step sister and her husband are hosting the class and it makes me super excited that maybe in a few months we can host a class in our new community. It really has changed the way I am seeing money. Cowboy and I countless times, have said where is our money going?! Well now we are starting to tell our money where to go and we are doing decently with it! We are excited to see how much this will change our live.


God has plans for us, and while we may not always understand them, he has and will continue to provide for us. It is about having faith in  him and walking through life trying to serve him to the fullest.





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