Brrrr…. Cold

Let me just say it was AWFUL cold last night and this morning. I love our weather in Colorado, but whom ever ticked off the mother nature would you apologize please!  It was officially -6 last night and while we have been really lucky this year with weather. Negative temps were a shock to the system. Cowboy and I headed out last night to throw a blanket on Amarillo, being that she is so old, we felt she could use the warmth of a blanket. Rust, Oskar and Crickett are so fat and fuzzy they were plenty warm.

I went out this morning to take her blanket off and she was happily grazing and seemed to be doing great! The other horses were grazing along side her so all in all while it was cold they seemed to be doing just fine this morning.

We are expecting the temps to rise into the 50’s this coming weekend. Cowboy and I are going to head out for a ride on Sunday. It will be cold but I am so excited to spend time in the saddle.



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