Huntin’ Ropin’ and Cowboy Things

Can I just say that I love being a Cowboys wife! Is it stressful at times sure but I love it. This last week my cowboy went primitive (kinda) He spent the week in the mountains hunting with his dad and a couple of other older guys. He was Elk hunting and while I was a little disappointed he would miss my birthday i told him that all I wanted for my birthday was for him to bring home an elk and guess what! He got a nice one on my birthday. I was so excited for him, that means both his hunts this year were successful. Makes me pretty happy that we have fresh meat in the freezer for the winter. It will really help keep the cost of food down for the winter. Next year it is my goal to have a great garden so that I can can some things like tomatoes and make salsa and other things to can and have on hand for the winter.


So far the horses are doing pretty well with the cold weather, they are all getting fuzzy, which is a good thing because I believe that we have been lucky thus far this winter as it has not been that cold it is Dec 5 and we have had maybe 1/2 inch of snow a the most! I left for work this morning with no coat. That will not be the case starting tomorrow! Wednesday the high is 18, that is pretty chilly, we will be making some extra mash (alfalfa cubes, beet pulp soaked in water overnight) to help keep the horses warm especially my little mare she is so old these cold nights are rough on her.

Everyone who knows us knows that little Ethan LOVES being a cowboy, he has had a rope for a while and he has always pretended to rope cows etc. Well a few weeks ago he had his first cowboy lesson on how to throw a rope and he listened and practiced and this week he learned a little more and was SO SO excited that he got to swing his rope while sitting on his lesson horse nutmeg! He was so excited he has talked about it non stop. He really is becoming his own little man. I can not imagine this kid as a teenager.


There was once a time when most young boys had the opportunity to sit on top of a horse and swing a rope, I am so blessed that I get to provide this life for my son.

(Cowboy on the grey horse is Matt from MK Horsemanship-you can read more about him in my previous posts)





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