MK Horsemanship and Valhalla Ranch

I have to tell you all about two really amazing people.

Matt and Kristen Littrell

I took this off of The Long Trail Home Facebook Page;

“I want to take a moment and tell all the new people to the page what The Long Trail Home is and what we’re all about. My name is Matt Littrell and I was an infantryman with Golf company 2nd Battalion 5th Marines. I did 2 tours to Iraq and came home and struggled to find my place in civilian life. After a long night back in 2013 of almost becoming 1 of the 22 veterans who swallowed a lead pill that day, I found my purpose. Last year on May 1 astride my mustang Crow and with my traveling partner Ray we took off from Surf City, NC and rode west. We rode to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund and to raise awareness of the 22 veterans who are killing themselves on a daily basis. We rode to show them they’re not alone and that despite appearances they’re not forgotten by their countrymen. Along the ride I met the woman I now call my wife, Kristen. She joined the ride in Oklahoma and on November 30th Crow got his feet wet in the Pacific Ocean at Camp Pendleton CA. We rode every step of the way across this nation and raised about $140,000 for the Semper Fi Fund and more importantly I received several messages from veterans telling me that after seeing the outpouring of support from people we’ve never met that they decided to put the pistol down and see what tomorrow brings. That is what it’s all about. Though we finished the ride we are still riding and still carrying on with the mission here at home in Colorado. We have a few acres here in Ramah CO and we are working on establishing a veterans retreat called Valhalla Ranch, where they can come work with horses and be in the presence of other combat veterans and have the opportunity to relax and listen to the quiet and watch the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen. It’s not the Ritz out here but you can’t beat the views and I may be biased but there’s some pretty nice ponies out here too. That is who we are what this page is truly about. We’ve been fighting a war for over a decade and when we return stateside were still over there walking those streets and mountainsides. It’s time to come home. Semper Fi from Valhalla.”

These two people are such an inspiration to me! Being a veteran myself this cause is really close to my heart. I am very blessed that I am able to get to know these people and that my son will get to know these people (Matt and Kristen from my previous post)

Most people who know me know that I have battles with PTSD and depression along with some other struggles. There is something call it a bond, that is created between veterans, even though Matt and I never served together he knows that I will watch his and Kristen “6” and I know that they will cover us if ever needed. When you enlist in the military you join a family and that family will always be there when you need them.

Cowboy and I had a great opportunity when Matt and Kristen were able to join us for our first official trail ride with Cricket and Oskar (two very very green/inexperienced horses)  They were able to helps us teach the horses that creeks were not scary and help us stay calm when we ran into situation we were unsure of!

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Seeing what they have done and created gives me confidence that we to Cowboy and I will be able to reach our goals and be able to help the veteran community as well.

Matt and Kristen are amazing people, Matt is a farrier and horse trainer and Kristen is a Equine massage therapist, trainer and riding instructor.

Check out there facebook pages

If you feel so called to do so a donation would help them move closer to their goals! Please contact them through their facebook pages (They are a Non-profit organization) 14992085_869085134580_179186590533109752_n


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