A little Lesson

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.


What an adventurous weekend we had this last weekend! Ethan and I took a little rode trip and visited the wonderful couple at MK horsemanship. Kristen and Matt, Kristen has been such a supporter and friend to me over the last year (even if she doesnt know it) Anyway more about Matt and Kristen in a few minutes.

Ethan has been really wanting to ride lately and we figured that we should go ahead and begin official riding lessons. I know how to ride but I have tons of bad habits and I am not good at teaching my own kid, and we really do not have a horse that is “lesson” worthy. So we woke up before the sun and headed out to MK Headquarters!

When Ethan and I drove in he saw a little brown horse in the first pasture and he said mom I like that one I hope that’s the one I ride. Sure enough that is the one he got! NutMeg. Kristen was great with Ethan, she taught him how to clean hooves, and talked him through saddling, and then they were off to ride. Ethan did such a great job! He has great form and he trotted by himself on the first day! (video below) Ethan was being a little shy and was not very talkative or adventurous partly because we had to wake up super early. Anyway after about 30 minutes in the saddle, It was time for his roping lesson! Matt talked ethan through how to swing a rope, Ethan watched him so closely and while he did not master the swing he has been practicing.

These small lessons that Ethan was taught on saturday will begin to frame the way he interacts with horses and will continue to develop him as a young man. To some this may seem like a silly statement but my son has already proven this. Through his eyes he drew some pictures about his weekend in school. I am so proud of this little guy. (he is not an up and coming artist by any means lol) Ethan is learning that it will be hard work to get good at something and that sometimes he may not get it right the first time but if he continues to practice and try he will eventually get it! As parents we often second guess ourselves when it comes to our kids. I know that I do it all the time, but I know that in the end if I have a well rounded kid who is kind and loving to those he meets, I know he will go far in life. Its because of the things we teach kids when they are young.

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