Dog Trail Ranch

One of the great things about building a ranch from the ground up is we can truly develop our ranch how we want it. Cowboy and I have such big dreams and it is only through God that we will be able to reach those dreams. While our family and friends can help by encouraging us and praying for us, it is truly up to God to make it happen. While I am very very sure that Cowboy and I have a few different opinions on exactly what DT Ranch will be we both know that it will serve our community greatly.

The vision for the ranch is to bring back some good values to our family as well as our community. Through outreach programs for veterans allowing them a place to heal and integrate back into society. We will also be reaching out to the local youth, through hard work kids learn responsibility and respect we would love to bring in local youth to volunteer in turn for riding lessons or simply a place to welcomed with open arms. I would love to have space to offer summer camp location for church youth groups including high ropes courses and a military style confidence course.

Our ranch will hopefully also operate as a boarding and training facility. Focusing on the western rider, offering cattle sorting, calf roping etc. I think it would even be great to own a few rough stock animals (bucking bulls etc) (this is the part I have to convince my cowboy on)

Another vision that I have and one that is very dear to my heart is to offer sanctuary for some of Americas Wild mustangs. Each year thousands of mustangs are help in holding facilities as they wait to be adopted. Each year hundreds of mustangs are brought in from the wild and kept in over crowded facilities. These are strong amazing animals that have a will to live freely. I would love to offer sanctuary for these animals. I am particularly fond of a herd in Sand Wash basin Colorado. These horses have been monitored and have a very large following on social media. We are hoping to have at least 200-300 acres to offer for these horses where they can roam free.

(Shawn Stoer and Patti Mosby took two of the pictures and I took one photos pulled from the Sand Wash Facebook page)

Last year Cowboy and I along with family made the 5.5 hour journey out there to see these magical horses. While there we had the great honor of seeing a very young foal. It is tradition within the following of this group for the person who finds and submits a photo of the foal they get naming rights of the foal. What a joy it was to pick a name for this little sorrel filly that we found. We happened to find her over memorial day weekend and we decided to name her Wind Talker, her dam is Wild Flower and Sire is Cortez. She holds a pretty special place in our hearts. Every time pictures get posted on the Sand Wash Website I am eager to see if she is there.


So the Ranch in many ways, will be a dream come true for us and an opportunity for us to serve the Lord in a way that we believe he is calling us.

For I know the plans I have for you declares the lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future Jeremiah 29:11


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