1st Snow!

Well we officially received our first snow fall last week, and we got a little more snow last night. All of the animals did well no one got too cold. The pups have been staying inside a little more lately simply because they are old and their joints do not handle the cold very well. They LOVE to wake us up in the morning. dogs

The winter brings its own set of challenges for anyone that has livestock type animals. Our horses depend on us to keep them feed and healthy, well that requires feeding in the snow and ensuring that they have what they need to stay warm. I am not a fan of the cold so these cold mornings are tough to get motivated, but we are plugging through.

Update on the hunting trip- nothing the guys came back with nothing for the week except some great bonding time and huntin’ stories. The time was a good break from the busy hectic schedule of the holidays that are fast approaching.

New posts coming up soon.


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