Well Cowboy is off hunting this week, hoping to feed his family with delicious elk meat. Taking it back old school it what he told me a few weeks ago while talking about the hunting trips. To the days when the man of the home went out to hunt and gather food for his family. Yup so he is going to hunt. What does this mean for the week and me well it is going to be crazy!

Good Luck to my Cowboy as he hunts this week. We pray for his safety and the safety of the others in his group. We also thank the Lord for the animal that will hopefully fill our freezer.

So this concept of hunting for the family has been causing me to think about a few things in regards to the ranch. What about homesteading, im not talking about original homesteading, what about modifying it just a little bit to meet our needs. Growing our own food, raising our own beef and chicken, hunting for wild game, and fishing. With this also creating a world for me of canning and baking and cooking from scratch, all things I LOVE to do. Cowboy and I are NOT green thumbs we saw that this summer with our epic garden fail! We did manage some tomatoes and a few peppers here and there oh and pumpkins! I have pupmkins!  (From scratch pumpkin pies are coming for Thanksgiving!) To me this sounds AWESOME! I am very excited at the possibilities this opens.

Plans for when cowboy is gone this week? Well I have been thinking about Christmas and Christmas gift giving, we have a pretty long list of people to buy for so I am trying to think of things that I can do/make that will make up some great gift baskets. Here is what I am thinking about, what about jellies and jams? Everyone loves jelly and jams right? We have some Rhubarb in the freezer I could make up some strawberry Rhubarb jam, and oh to Jalapeno jelly, maybe make some fresh vanilla extract? I will be planning this over the next couple of weeks so that I can start making the pieces and parts to our wonderful gift baskets. (Yes I will have pictures)


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