The Ranch Characters! Part 1 the Horses


Rusty is a sorrel quarter horse is between 18-20 years old. Rusty is a very strong horse he is cowboys horse. Rusty came to us from a man who used him as a hunting pack horse. Prior to Cowboy getting him Rusty was left to his own being fed moldy hay and only having access to green yucky water. When cowboy got him he had not been handled in a while. So Cowboy began to build a relationship of trust with him and now Rusty is what we call a pocket pony!

We still have some training to do with him but he has come a long way!






Amarillo is my baby! Although she is not a baby that is for sure, Amarillo was Rusty buddy at their previous home, they were often stalled together in a very rough and rocky area. The owners of Amarillo basically gave her away like a piece of junk. They say that another mans junk is someone elses treasure! She is my treasure for sure. The vet believes that Amarillo is in her late 20’s to early 30, it is hard to age her because of the condition of her teeth. Amarillo is gentle and kind she has a very kind heart and is so willing to work hard for us! I think over the coming years she will be a great partner and learning horse for my son. Next summer we plan on Junior being able to use her in lead line and walk trot classes in horse shows.

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