30 days of Thanks

I am sure you have all seen the numerous social media posts that started a few days ago, 30 days of thanks, 30 days of blessings. Now while I am so incredible thankful for the things that I have in my life why limit it to only 30 days! The bible tells us

1 Thessalonians 5:18 – In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Now I am the first to say that life is not always the easiest, there are trials and tribulations, but what in your everyday can you be thankful for? Being thankful does not only happen around the holidays, now I believe that society has created an environment where we are so busy we tend to forget about the small things in life that we have everyday despite what is going on in our life. If you have kids ask them to pray over your meals, and hear what they are thankful for, yes sometimes it seems like they are missing the point when they say thank you God for my Legos, but when you break it down and realize that those Legos are meaningful to your child, they provide hours of entertainment and allow his mind to be creative. To that child they are something to be thankful for.

What are some of the small things like legos that you are thankful for?

A few years ago I attended a women’s retreat at church. The theme for the weekend was Joy through the Journey. God calls us to have Joy even when we are struggling with things, and I can tell you from experience that I am HORRIBLE at finding the joy. My brain gets so wrapped up in the problem that I forget to seek the lessons that I am being taught through out. Even though at the time I had no idea what the following years would bring i embraced what was being taught. Now more then ever I can look back and see how much that impacted my life. When you make a choice to change your life like I did when I left an abusive marriage it is incredibly hard to find the Joy. Everyday I prayed and loved God and searched for his guidance, and I realized that everything was coming into place. See God had placed people in my life at the exact times i needed them. He placed a very compassionate pastor and his wife into my life before the divorce, they were people I would depend on during the tough moments.

Currently I am a mother to an amazing young son who is very thankful for his legos! I am the girlfriend of an amazing man, who loves me and my son with his whole heart, he is a christian man who has a huge heart, he helps keep me grounded and thankful. Sometimes it is the simple things in the life that we must be thankful for, God has a plan and the plan is something that we must trust even though it is often time incredibly hard.

Post as much as you want about the reasons you are thankful for things in your life but remember the little things everyday not just the month of November.


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