Dog Trail Ranch a Dream in Progress


Remember when you were a kid and someone would ask you what do you want to be when you grow up? Your answer probably changed every time the question was asked or it would stay solid for a while and as you grew it would slowly develop into something more like what you would truly end up being.

Cowboy and I started dating 16 months ago we both dreamed of having a ranch, my ranch dream is to have a ranch where I can dedicate my life to saving the American Mustang and I can help save the lives of American Soldiers who suffer from PTSD as well as other injuries. Cowboys dream is to have a working cattle ranch. So we have 3 pieces to the puzzle that we are slowly working on putting together!

Cowboy and I have pretty different backgrounds and testimonies to our faith and belief in Jesus but together with God we are unstoppable. We have no real idea of when this will all come together I would like to hope it will start coming together in the next 5 years or so but only God knows so until then we will continue to establish our family and our goals and every step of the way I will be blogging to tell you about it. With it our family we also have Junior who is my 6 year old son who is a little miniature cowboy he is so awesome. We also have cowboys son – City Slicker, he is 17 and has been living on the beach his entire life!

Well that is us in a nut shell. This blog is a way for us to connect with people and for people to continue to pray for us and our journey. This is also a way to document our journey! We are so excited about this!

12052593_10207748926306003_3306037980641665413_o This is me




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